Cover for the unnoficial recording – Artwork by Luís Moreira

DMBPortugal2015_Lisbon Cover

Design by Luís Moreira

Have you already downloaded the tape from the Lisbon show? Not yet? You can do it on the forum. If you already have and if you want to make it even more special, Luís Moreira has made this beautiful artwork for its cover that you can download here.

We have to praise, once again, the work of our friend Luís. He has been tireless when it comes to creating and developing our image and everything associated with it. And when someone does something even when they’re not obliged to and surprises and spoils us with images like this one, we can’t help but be touched by it.

We want to give a special and heartfelt thank you to Luís and all his beautiful work. Feel free to visit his work at his page BMoreira :)


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